The Southern Wine &  Liquor Company

There are nearly 1800 wine makers in Australia (according to The Australian and New Zealand Wine Directory 2004), but just three very large conglomerates account for almost 85% of the total wine production. Many of the high quality, smaller wineries (boutiques) have not come to the attention of even knowledgeable international wine consumers - they simply are not large enough to provide time and resources to develop and support an overseas market.  

In order to promote some of these boutique winemakers the Southern Wine & Liquor Company has joined with Australian Prestige Wines of Australia to set up a warehousing and merchandising infrastructure in the UK, in a manner similar to the negotiants of France. Please click here to visit Australian Prestige Wines' own website. As a result of this arrangement we are able to offer these wines on an EXCLUSIVE basis in the UK.

If you would like some advice before purchasing any of our wines please get in touch with us at

We currently hold stock from:

Narkoojee, Hopwood Estate, Morambro Creek, Shantell, S Kidman and Thistle Hill vineyards.

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